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Is your business financing running on empty?

Your Financial Solution

If you are experiencing one or more of the following problems, you've found the right place for a smart financial solution:

  • You need immediate cash to take advantage of a major growth opportunity (e.g., a new customer or a large order from an existing customer).
  • Cash flow problems are impeding your normal operations (e.g., trouble meeting payroll, paying bills).
  • Your company needs a commercial mortgage to purchase a new facility or re-finance your existing one.
  • You're faced with unanticipated expenses.
  • You need help with managing your accounts receivable to free-up resources for pursuing new business.

Solving business financing problems is our specialty, but we have the flexibility to offer some uncommon financial solutions to individuals as well. See the section on the navigation bar to the left with the heading "Private Contract Funding" for a listing of unique services that may solve your problem!

Have you been turned away by banks?

In today's economic climate, businesses of all shapes and sizes are coming up empty when approaching commercial banks for working capital. Stringent lending criteria, tight credit, and deteriorating profits have hit most business sectors hard, resulting in rejected loan requests for all but the most supremely qualified business applicants. When combined with the effects of the housing crisis on home equity and the curtailment of personal credit lines, small business financing is nearly non-existent.

Business financing didn't start with banks and most certainly doesn't end with banks either . . .

. . . because, as you will learn, numerous alternative options exist for obtaining a sustainable, readily available supply of funding for your business. In fact, accounts receivable factoring, a widely used and very powerful commercial finance technique, has been in use for thousands of years, tracing its roots back to the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians. Other methods of asset based finance you will learn about on on this site are centuries older than modern banking.Yet, most businesses owners are unaware of the broad spectrum of alternative commercial financing options available to them. will arm you with knowledge your competitors more than likely don't have, or if they do, they fail to act on it.

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Click on the navigation buttons to the left to learn how these business financing techniques can not only make it possible for your business to survive, but also to thrive — even in the most challenging of circumstances!

Armed with the information you will find on this site and the assistance of a knowledgeable commercial financial consultant like AEGIS Financial Solutions, you and your enterprise will not only have an advantage over the vast majority of your peers, but you also will be equipped with very unique and powerful tools — tools that not only allow you to overcome adversity, but also to reach new heights!

Okay, so what can you do for me and my business?

Your business needs ready access to capital not only to survive but to flourish as well. With smart business financing you can:

  • Smooth out cash flow to meet payroll and payroll taxes, and other obligations
  • Increase production and sales
  • Take advantage of trade discounts
  • Pay off debt
  • Finance expansion
  • Fund marketing or ecommerce projects
  • Build business credit to become "bankable"
  • Combat seasonality or dips in sales
  • Free up resources by outsourcing the management of receivables — at no additional cost
  • Eliminate need for outside investment
  • Conversely, position company for outside investment
  • Get one-on-one help with starting a small business and small business financing
  • Focus on growing your business
  • Find commercial property financing and business equipment financing

The best news is that all of this — and more — is available to you and your company without having to meet the increasingly onerous requirements of traditional bank lending. Simple, straightforward solutions that allow you to channel your time, energy and expanded resources on growing your business.

A few minutes of your time is all it takes to become familiar with the range of options open to you. Explore to learn more about the many excellent commercial financing solutions you can use immediately — and many of which your competition don't even know exist, much less use. Get ready to put these power tools to work for your business today!

Commercial Real Estate Financing: Your Bricks and Mortar Solution
Commercial real estate financing is your business financing power tool to acquire property and leverage its equity.

Small Business Consulting Can Give You The Smart Small Business Advice You Need
Use small business consulting to start, improve and grow your businesses. Get help with business planning, marketing, operations, small business financing, and resource management.

Smart Small Business Financing
There are many sources for small business financing. Find the best ones for your company here.

Accounts Receivable Financing and Business Factoring: Quick Money For Business
Accounts receivable financing is a time-tested, versatile and debt-free method of financing a business.

Purchase Order Financing: A Business Capital Solution
Purchase order financing is a smart business growth solution. Go international. Get working capital financing for large order fulfillment.

Note Buyers: Your Private Contract Financing Solution
Note buyers are the cash flow industry's resource for private contract funding. Turn all or part of your note into fast money for any purpose.

Quick Start To Fast Money, Sound Advice
Find fast money alternatives to a traditional bank loan. Sound advice and friendly service from a company in the cash flow business since 1998.

Business Equipment Financing
Smart Business Equipment Financing: Finance your business equipment with the best possible financial options.

Credit Card Factoring: The Business Cash Advance
Credit card factoring offers retail and service companies a business cash advance based on future credit card sales. Quick money, flexible repayment.

How To Sell Mortgage Notes and Land Contracts
Private mortgage notes and land contracts can easily be sold in whole or in part for a lump sum payment of cash. Find out how.

Sell Structured Settlements For Quick Cash
Find out how to sell structured settlements here. You don't have to wait years for the money from your annuity settlement.

Selling Life Settlements and Viatical Settlements
Life settlements and viatical settlements turn life insurance policies into money you can use and enjoy while you live.

Starting Your Own Business
A guide for starting your own business, including tips for simple planning, licensure, legal entities and choosing a name for your small business start-up.

Mortgage Payment Calculator
The mortgage payment calculator will compute your monthly payment, including property taxes, hazard insurance and PMI payments. You can also print an amortization schedule.

Mortgage Qualifying Calculator
A mortgage qualifying calculator to help you determine how much house you can afford and/or qualify for.

Equity Accelerator Calculator
The equity accelerator will calculate the additional monthly or bi weekly mortgage payments required to pay your loan off within a specified number of years.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator
The mortgage refinance calculator will help you to decide whether or not you should refinance your current mortgage at a lower interest rate.

How To Build Business Credit
Knowing how to build business credit gives entrepreneurs the keys to all the business capital they will ever need.

Business Loans With Bad Credit
Business loans with bad credit may sound contradictory, but there are business financing options for credit challenged companies and entrepreneurs.

Installment Contract Financing: A Factoring Program For Consumer Receivables
Installment contract financing offers direct-to-consumer businesses many of the advantages of traditional account receivable factoring.

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